How to Set the Most Motivating Goals

goal setting goal structure motivation process research sub goals weight loss Jan 26, 2020

Just get amped about making to the gym today, and don’t think about long term fat loss goals?⁣

Or, get out your sticky notes and plaster your LOSE 10LBS BY MARCH 1ST goal all over the house?⁣

According to the research, the answer might actually be both.⁣

BUT, timing matters ⏰⁣

🗓 DAY 1 — keeping the big, sometimes scary, long-term goal out your mind might be best for now.⁣

Instead, focus on sub-goals (process goals) along the way.⁣

🗓 DAY “I’ve been at this for awhile and I see the light at the end of tunnel” — here’s when focusing on the finish line, the big goal, can come in handy.⁣

Of course, experiment and figure out what works best for YOU.⁣

But you might be better off saving the sticky notes for later.⁣

👆See above slides for evidence 🤓