If you’re looking for someone to just tell you what to eat and how many days to workout or a cookie-cutter/one-size-fits-all approach... KJO Coaching is not for you.


We’re a holistic health coaching team that believes your health is so much more than food and exercise, and what YOU need is different than what someone else might need.


We want you to build both a stronger body and a stronger mind.


Help you live up to your full potential

(in the gym, in the kitchen, and in your life)

Thorough weekly
check-in processes with your coach 

Open communication for any questions or concerns, at anytime

A private Facebook community with weekly live videos from Kasey

Access to the KJO client resource portal for additional education and resources

A mind, body, and life transformation like these

… and there’s more,
but I can’t give away EVERYTHING ;)


Questions? Comments? Concerns

Shoot us an email: [email protected]



As a member of KJO Coaching, you will work 1:1 with Kasey, Ashlyn or Laney, depending on availability and who is the best fit for you. But regardless of who your weekly 1:1 check-ins are with, you will be learning from Kasey, Ashlyn and Laney through our private Facebook group and online courses.


Kasey Orvidas holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, her expertise lies in health behavior change, mindsets, motivational interviewing and habit formation. She is also Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified in exercise nutrition. In addition to coaching, Kasey sits on the scientific review board at Legion Athletics where she reviews and writes articles based on scientific literature. Kasey has been coaching both in-person and online for 5 years, successfully changing the lives (mind and body!) of 100s of individuals. She also provides mentorship to other health coaches through the Coaching Compass program and Health Mindset Coaching Certification.

Kasey's coaching style: prepare for some tough love, with a hefty side of understanding and empathy. Kasey knows her clients live busy lives and is ready to make adjustments as necessary to keep your goals on track. If you like sarcasm, science, learning, and getting strong + confident - Kasey's got you.

Kasey loves to work with clients that are go-getters and high achievers. Many of her clients are women excelling in their lives and careers but need someone in their corner to support them in their health, fitness, and self-care.


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Ashlyn Carroll is a full-time coach at KJO and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Physiology from Texas A&M University. In addition to being CrossFit Level 2 certified, she holds several nutrition certifications including NCI Level 2 Nutrition Coaching and specializes in mindset and hormone health. Ashlyn has been coaching in-person and online for 3 years, successfully inspiring change, one human at a time.

Ashlyn's coaching style: More on the empathetic side, but she will be happy to dole out the tough love if you need it! Prepare for LOTS of information during your weekly check-ins, Ashlyn likes to make sure you're fully equipped to take on every single week.

Ashlyn loves working with clients that are willing to get a bit vulnerable with her and address some tough mindset blocks while also reaching health and fitness goals. She's also been through her fair share of hormonal and digestive health issues, along with some negative relationships with food... and now wants to "give back" as much as she can to help you through similar issues.

If you feel like your relationship with food or exercise isn't the greatest and/or you suspect some hormonal or digestive issues... Ashlyn will definitely help you!

Not to mention - Ashlyn is a workout programming wizard and knows exactly what you need to get stronger, leaner, healthier, and happier :)

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Laney is a part-time coach at KJO and a Physician Assistant who specializes in Non Surgical Spine Care/Pain Management. She also earned a Certificate of Advanced Education in Obesity Medicine in order to help chronic pain patients who may benefit from weight loss. She is a Certified Athletic Trainer and is certified in exercise nutrition through Precision Nutrition. Having coached online since 2016, she combines her experience with patients, athletes, and clients to bring success to clients from various backgrounds!

Laney's coaching style: laid back but will hold you accountable! Expect to learn a lot (she loves to teach you along the way) and get asked lots of thought-provoking questions. 

If you're new to your #fitnessjourney, Laney will be a great fit for you! She's loves working with clients who are new to this "health and fitness" stuff. Or if you're more advanced but ready to level up - Laney also enjoys taking clients through reverse diets and teaching you new concepts. Being a healthcare worker herself, Laney loves working with others in similar positions (nurses, doctors, etc.).  In order to work with Laney, you MUST be willing to have fun and appreciate learning the WHY behind what you're doing :)

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Brooke Evans is a Registered Dietitian and full-time coach at KJO. With an advanced degree in nutrition and years of experience in patient care, she is able to provide specific and personalized nutrition recommendations to individuals that have a variety of disease states, dietary restrictions and allergies.

In addition to her licensure, Brooke has her Master’s Degree in Nutrition and is a Certified Personal Trainer with 5+ years experience coaching clients both online and in-person with experience in everything from weight loss to sport-specific coaching.

Brooke's coaching style: honest and upfront, but also supportive and committed to taking the extra time to make sure you fully understand why you're doing what you're doing and that you're getting exactly what you need!

Brooke specializes in helping you build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle via habit formation and learning. She loves to work with clients that are interested in changing their body composition to both lose fat AND build muscle. Strength and performance goals are her favorite :)

Working with Brooke means that you will also have support in addressing uncomfortable mindset barriers that keep you from progressing. Get ready to make some mindset and muscle gains!

Need someone in your corner to help you prioritize yourself? Brooke has your back.
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