How to achieve and maintain fat loss

3 Requirements for Permanent Fat Loss

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Mindset matters whether you have body composition goals or any other kinds of goals.

When it comes to fat loss, our clients aren’t looking for quick results that last for a few weeks or months. They’re looking for permanent fat loss.  ⁣

 But before we get into the signs of permanent fat loss, we want you to know that you don’t need to change your body or focus on fat loss. But it’s also okay if you do want to (so long as it’s coming from a good place—but that’s a post for a different time)⁣.

Permanent fat loss takes a lot more than a quick-fix fad diet. It takes working on your mindset, improving your relationship with food, and developing healthy habits to guide you through your life. 

I’m going to share the signs that your fat loss progress will stick around long term. You can use this post as a guide for things to monitor through your fat loss journey.  


Your Mindset Around Fat Loss

No matter what you’re pursuing in life, mindset matters.

 Your mindset affects your belief system, your thoughts, your attitude, your behaviors, and your success (or lack thereof). ⁣

Below I present some signs that the progress you made will actually stick around this time.⁣ But keep in mind that they’re all connected and are not mutually exclusive.⁣

Sure, you can have the physical changes without habitual behavior changes or mindset changes, but you’ll have a hard time holding onto your progress if you don’t have all three. ⁣


1. ⁣Physical Changes Indicate Permanent Fat Loss

Physical changes tend to be what you’re seeking with your fat loss efforts, so this may be what excites you the most. 

With physical change, your clothes fit better, and you may even be able to put on that pair of jeans that you used to wear all the time. 

You’ll also notice that the scale has gone down. Your weight shouldn’t be your main focus, but eventually, fat loss will be reflected on the scale. 

 You and those around you will notice a difference. Maybe you’ll catch some new definition in your legs at the gym, or your mom will notice you look different when you go home for Christmas. 

These are all physical changes that are a part of permanent fat loss. 

But as I mentioned above, this goes hand in hand with other aspects of change.


2. Healthy Behavior Changes Are Required for Fat Loss

Another component of permanent fat loss is that the “how” of fat loss becomes more habitual

At this point, you acknowledge that working out makes you feel good. You might find yourself finally wanting to work out rather than feeling like you have to. 

Another healthy behavior change that indicates permanent fat loss is that your eating is no longer emotionally driven. Your decisions to eat aren’t related to stress, anxiety, loneliness, or sadness. 

You choose the foods you eat based on what nourishes you and makes you feel good. That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a slice of birthday cake or a Christmas cookie, but you will be able to have a little bit, feel satisfied, and move on with your day.

Once healthy behaviors become habits, you’ll also feel a difference when you don’t do these things. 

This is the case with most of our clients after the holidays. Indulging in more sugar and alcohol leaves them feeling sluggish, tired, and even impacts their mood. 

But they quickly recover from this because they get back on track immediately. 


3. Your Mindset Changes

Your mindset is the underlying mechanism to change. 

Once your mindset changes, you will no longer feel the need to go overboard on indulgences. 

You will learn that food will always be there and you don’t need to severely restrict yourself. 

The biggest mindset change you may notice is that food isn’t always on your mind. 

Many people come to KJO Coaching and tell us that they can’t stop thinking about food. But once you shift your mindset, you’ll notice that your focus on food decreases immensely. 

You’ll also know that you can change. You will have seen it happen, and you will know you can achieve your fat loss goals. 

You’ll become more confident and empowered because you’re proof that you’re capable of change.


What You Need for Permanent Fat loss

If you want permanent results, you have got to address your behaviors, your lifestyle, and your mindset.⁣

But how you approach fat loss also matters. 

If you want to achieve permanent results, you cannot:

  • Use super-restrictive methods
  • Follow fad diets
  • Cut out all your favorite foods
  • Kill yourself with high-intensity workouts 6 days a week
  • Use meal plans instead of learning about what your food is made up of


All of this will get you results, but only ones that last for a short period of time. After that, you’re likely to gain all your weight back and then some. 

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