Diet culture sucks. You can diet if you want to.

You Can Diet if You Want to

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Let’s say you choose to dive into a diet phase.

Do you have anyone in your life that would question you?

Like, “Why do you want to diet? Can’t you just love your body the way it is?”

That doesn’t feel good. Not to mention, it’s incredibly assumptive that you must not love your body if you want to diet.

Unfortunately, comments like this are very common. 

And at the same time, we also see harmful diet culture messages and hear people say things like being skinny equates to being healthy and perfect. 

We also often see the glorification of restrictive dieting practices and companies that prey on the insecurities of others by selling 30-day fixes, detox bullshit, and fail to teach anything legitimate.

It all sucks, but you don’t have to listen to these messages. 

You can choose what you want to do with your body and how you want to approach your goals. 


You Choose What Your Goals are

It’s okay to lose weight intentionally, and it’s not wrong to want to change your body composition.⁣

There, I said it!

But here’s the thing: diet culture doesn’t need to be a part of that. ⁣

There’s a massive difference between wanting to do something and feeling like you have to.⁣

But why does it have to be one way or the other?

Who decided that:

You either love yourself, OR you want to change yourself.⁣

You either honor your body, OR you’re falling prey to harmful diet culture.⁣

You either have self-respect, OR you want to lose some fat.⁣

It’s not that black and white. 


You can Diet if You Want to


If you want to fit in your clothes better, are excited to work towards a fat loss goal for a short time, and want to challenge yourself, but not deprive and seriously restrict yourself, that’s FINE!. 

But, ideally, you’ll only do that once you’re in a healthy relationship with yourself,⁣ your thoughts are born from self-compassion,⁣ and you don’t place your self-worth in the same arena as your calorie intake or minutes on the treadmill. 

Who decided that any of this was wrong?

However, the truth is that many people aren’t ready to tackle a healthy dieting phase.⁣

Many people have to work on their internal mindset struggles before they focus on a fat loss plan.⁣

Many people shouldn’t be doing things like diligently tracking their food and focusing on their scale weight.⁣

And many people would benefit from not dieting for an extended period.⁣

But that doesn’t mean that:

Intuitive eating is the answer for everyone.⁣

Seeking weight loss is wrong and shameful.⁣

How much you love yourself hinges on whether or not you choose to diet.⁣

This mixed message bullshit is what’s wrong and harmful within the fitness industry. ⁣

Focus on you and what you truly desire. Stop worrying about what someone on social media tells you that you should do with your body. 


If You Want to Change Your Body…


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