The Type of Motivation Far Out Weighs the Amount

autonomy extrinsic motivation goals intrinsic motivation motivation psychology research self determination theory weight loss Feb 02, 2020

“how do you stay so motivated?”⁣

First of all, I don’t.⁣

But the motivation I do have – it’s the *good* kind.⁣

In my last post I went over our 3 basic psychological needs, defined by Self Determination Theory.⁣

These needs help differentiate between:⁣ ⁣
The CONTENT of our goals (e.g. personal development, connection with others, fame & fortune, physical attractiveness)⁣

And the REASONING for our goals (e.g. conform to everyone else, self-esteem boosting, to feel good and empowered)⁣

Understanding the content and reasoning determines the type of your motivation.⁣

And research tells us that the TYPE of motivation (extrinsic vs. intrinsic) makes a massive difference in your health & fitness goals, especially when it comes to long term success (meta analysis: Ng et al., 2012)⁣