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What Not to do During a Reverse Diet

What Not to do During a Reverse Diet

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Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about reverse dieting at KJO Coaching.

Coach Kasey even shared that she’s been at her maintenance calories for the last ten months and has been absolutely loving it. 

We know that you might be interested in doing a reverse diet, so I, Coach Laney, am here to chat about reverse dieting and what not to do during the process. 

In the past, we’ve covered when it’s time to reverse diet and why you should reverse diet, but we haven’t touched on the common things people want to do when they’re reverse dieting but should avoid.


What not to do During a Reverse Diet


I’d argue that reverse dieting is harder than dieting.

But it doesn’t have to be! If you can reframe your thoughts and remember why you’re in this phase, reverse dieting can be really fun.

Who wouldn’t enjoy eating more and getting stronger?!

Reverse dieting is not only beneficial for your metabolism, but it can challenge you to grow mentally, too.


1. Don’t Jump Back into a Cut Too Soon


We understand that it can be tempting to go back into a cut quickly after starting a reverse diet, but remember that you aren’t meant to be dieting at all times, and your body could use the break from the stress of dieting too.

Instead of rushing into a cutting phase, lean into this phase. 

Don’t jump right back to your cut because you see everyone else doing it, notice scale fluctuations, or feel like you aren’t making progress.


2. Don’t Obsess Over Daily Scale Fluctuations


There are so many reasons for your scale weight to fluctuate that have nothing to do with gaining fat. 

Your scale weight may increase because you’re stressed, retaining water, or need to go to the bathroom. None of these mean that you’ve gained fat. 

Instead of worrying about what the number on the scale says, try to focus on non-scale and non-aesthetic wins. These wins could include sleeping better, having more energy throughout the day, or an improved relationship with food. 

There are so many other indicators of progress that you don’t need to worry about what’s happening on the scale.


3. Don’t Worry About How Your Clothes Fit


It doesn’t matter how the clothes you currently own fit because they aren’t an indicator of your health, especially if you’re trying to fit into clothes you’ve had for years. Instead, size up to something you feel confident in.

If you have to get smaller clothes next time you complete a cutting phase, that’s cool, but if you don’t, that’s cool too. 

Health is determined by so much more than the way our clothing fits. 


4. Don’t Obsess Over Macros or Decide to say F it 


Reverse dieting is a time for you to relax because you aren’t working on being in a deficit, but it doesn’t mean that you should forget about the good habits you’ve learned and the improvements you’ve made to your relationship with food. 

Practice flexibility, try new foods, and incorporate intuitive eating if you’re feeling bogged down by numbers. You can relax a bit now that you’re working towards maintenance.


5. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others


This is a general rule, but it comes into play even more so during a reverse diet. 

Focus on your journey and the progress you’ve made. Remember that social media doesn’t show you the whole picture, so if you start comparing yourself to individuals you see online, you’re comparing your entire reality to someone’s highlight reel. 

Put your energy into doing what feels good for you and what makes you happy. 


Your Next Reverse Diet Phase


We’re huge advocates for a nice, healthy reverse diet at KJO Coaching, and we’d love to help guide you through your reverse dieting journey!

 Our team of coaches uses science-based methods to help you achieve your goals. If you’ve been considering working with a coach, one of our stellar coaches would be thrilled to help you. 

 Click here to learn more about working with KJO Coaching!

 And if you aren’t ready to commit to working with a coach, we’d still love to help. Check out this FREE reverse dieting coaches chat. The KJO Coaches answer common questions regarding reverse dieting and can help you enter this phase of your fitness journey in a way that is healthy and sustainable. 

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