I Gained 10lbs On Purpose

diet fat loss muscle building reverse diet weight gain Feb 21, 2020

Do you need to gain weight?


Just like you don’t have to lose weight or diet or do anything 🤷‍♀️ But let’s assume you’re in a season of your life where you really want to change your physique or want to get stronger or want to build muscle (for any variety of reasons)

Then you might have to gain weight.

In fact, I’d argue that most people do.

But note: I’m saying WEIGHT GAIN, not necessarily FAT GAIN.

Putting it in the simplest terms here:

Building muscle requires energy 🔥 (calories)

If you’re chronically dieting or not taking a proper amount of time to provide fuel for this process, then your body never gets a good chance to make muscle building a priority.

Sure, you can build some muscle at maintenance intake.

And people just starting off have the perk of “newbie gains”. But if you REALLY want to focus on building AND be time efficient with that... girl, ya need ta eaaaaat 🍽

Keep in mind that weight gain during this time will be some water retention + glycogen storage, some food volume, some muscle gain, and yes, likely a bit of fat.

But with solid training and recovery in place, you can minimize that fat gain part 😉

Coaching clients through this process for the first time isn’t easy. It definitely requires a mindset shift.
💭 Ask yourself:
• Are you happy with what you have been doing? The progress you’ve been making?
^ If not... then what do you have to lose?
• Does gaining weight seem scary?
^ Why? Where does this stem from?

If you’re nervous about increasing food and gaining weight for the purposes of building muscle... REMEMBER 👉 this is just a season. It’s temporary (unless you’re on that permabulk plan 😆) You’re not tied to anything. You can move out of this and into a diet phase, a maintenance phase, or not think about any of this whatsoever 🎉

You’re allowed to do whatever YOU want. What serves YOUR GOALS and YOUR HAPPINESS.