You Want This To Be a “Lifestyle Change”?⁣

behavior change exercise food mindfulness mindset training values May 14, 2020

Eat veggies, drink water, workout.⁣

So what happens when you can’t get to the gym?⁣

Or you chose margaritas over more water on Tuesday?⁣

Typically 👉 feel guilty, indulge further, “what the hell” effect ensues, give up…⁣

“I can never stick to it”⁣

“I always do this…”⁣

“I’m just not the type of person for this stuff.”⁣

Here’s the problem: you’re focusing on the wrong things.⁣

We’re led to believe that #HEALTHANDFITNESS is all about exercise and eating.⁣

OF COURSE these things are V important.⁣

Your exercise and eating behaviors can quite literally determine the length of your life.⁣

But when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle (p.s. that means, like, things you do every day) it’s so much more than laying out the perfect workout plan and shopping the perimeters of the grocery store.⁣


Do you ACTUALLY believe you can change your lifestyle?⁣

How do you define healthy? Consistency? Success?⁣

Why do you value healthy behaviors? (spoiler alert: “to fit into my bridesmaid dress” ain’t gonna cut it)⁣

Are you aware of what triggers your current habits and behaviors?⁣

How often do you take the time to be fully present in your life?⁣


I hate to break it to you, but that 1hr workout makes the smallest impact on your daily caloric burn.⁣

TBH if that 1hr of exercise is the only time you’re not sitting & lounging… that’s not a healthy lifestyle, that’s a break from your unhealthy lifestyle. ⁣

Movement throughout your day…. walking, playing, dancing, gardening is MASSIVELY important for both your physical and mental health.⁣

Health bonus points for time spent outdoors ☀️⁣


Hone in on nutrition (higher protein, lots of greens, healthy fats, occasional treats, etc) and formal exercise (strength training with supplementary cardio ftw)⁣

Alllllll 🔺 of these aspects are crucial (and there’s even more to it)⁣

But, I’d encourage you to first consider the base & build up from there.⁣

Once you have a strong foundation, the rest will not only be more enjoyable, but easier to stick with.⁣

👆👆 THAT is how to create a healthy lifestyle.⁣