"I Don't Know What I Want" - An Epidemic

goals growth growth mindset personal development possibility progress Mar 17, 2020

The gift of our current situation:⁣

Less time commuting.⁣

More time with yourself.⁣

How often do you hear others (or hear in your own head):⁣

“I don’t know what I want”⁣
“I don’t know how to do it”⁣
“I don’t know where to start”⁣

...and wheels continue to spin.⁣

Zero progress made.⁣

Unhappiness with current state continues.⁣


The more you focus on LACK and UNCERTAINTY, the more you will bring into your life.⁣

Our lives are currently being tossed around and the air is filled with uncertainty.⁣

This is a PERFECT time to focus on you, your values, and what the heck you want out of your life.⁣

Being knocked out of our normal creates space to form new normals and new habits.⁣

In addition to the 5️⃣ “roadblocks to getting clear” listed in these slides..⁣

I really, really encourage you to start thinking about possibilities for yourself and for your life, rather than falling victim to circumstance.⁣

You deserve better. Show up for yourself ✊⁣