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Are Glute Activation Exercises Necessary?

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At KJO Coaching, we often get asked if glute activation exercises are necessary.

Science (and I, Coach Laney) say maybe. 

There isn’t significant evidence for glute activation before lifting. At least, I couldn’t find any.

However, as someone who has always struggled with glute activation during loaded movements, I believe glute activation can be helpful with that mind-muscle connection and more intentional glute bias.


Why do Glute Activation Exercises Matter


The glute muscles are responsible for hip extension and abduction. 

As you stand up and straighten your legs, the action of the thighs or femur is called ‘extension.’ 

The hinge in this movement is the hip joint. The muscles that cross the hip joint are the glutes and hamstrings.

The extension is the same as the mechanism you use during hip thrusts. 

But have you ever thought about how little you may actually be using your glutes when performing glute-based exercises?

Many people don’t activate their glutes enough during exercises like this, which is why glute activation exercises can be beneficial. 


Consider your other Muscles


It’s also important to look at other muscle groups that might be keeping you from full glute activation.

In come the hips. 

Do you sit all day? 

Do you have super tight hip flexors? Tight hip flexors can keep you from getting those glutes into full extension.

For these reasons, I like to do a bit of hip mobility and glute activation before my leg day exercises. 


The Glute Activation Exercises


You can check out my glute activation routine here. It’s how I prime my body for leg days to make sure I get a full extension with my lifts. 

And if you’re interested in working with a coach who can guide you through proper warmups that will prime your body for your workouts, learn more HERE and apply to work with one of our incredible coaches!


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