Mindset Shifts to Harness Stress & Be Successful

anxiety health mindset mindset shift stress stress mindset Mar 24, 2020

Do you wanna be good at stress?⁣

You might be thinking:⁣

“Be good at it?? Stress is BAD”⁣

👆that, is a shitty stress mindset.⁣

👆that is why stress sucks for you.⁣

Things feel uncontrollable right now.⁣

And many things truly are.⁣

But you know what you can control?⁣

Your perceptions.⁣

Stress is 100% perceived.⁣

(Aka YOU decide how stress impacts you and YOU control the feelings & actions that come with it)⁣

Stress starts as a thought 💭 then it turns into feelings of anxiety 🥴 which messes with your physiology/hormones 🧬 and then shows up negatively in your physical health 🏥⁣
(CC @sammillerscience P3 model)⁣

Understanding how stress develops and manifests in your body is a HUGE self awareness step towards “being good” at stress⁣

If you can harness your stressful energy, you can actually make it work for you.⁣

Need a HOW-TO?⁣

See 3️⃣ mindset shifts listed in the slides above 🤘⁣

Doing these things can:⁣

• Make positive impact on your immune + cardiovascular systems⁣

• Create a HEALTHIER and more skillful response to stressors ⁣

• Prepare your mind & body to be resilient and better handle future stressful events⁣

This is a stressful time.⁣

Make it work for you, not against you. ✊⁣