Meal prep with chicken, vegetables, and rice. Meal prep, it doesn't have to be complicated.

Easy Meal Prep Tips

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At KJO Coaching, our clients often ask us about meal prep and how to stay successful during the busy seasons of life.

You may find it hard to meal prep, track your food as the day goes on, and satisfy the picky eaters of the house and wonder how anyone can possibly do this.

The first thing you need to understand about meal prep is that it can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be, and having delicious food doesn’t have to be complicated.

At KJO Coaching, we work with many busy women just like you. Our goal is to help you streamline your processes so that you don’t have to take up unnecessary brain space with what you will be eating for dinner or how many grams of fat you have left for the day.

We know that the best way to achieve long-term success is to create sustainable habits using simple methods.

This is where the rule of threes comes in super handy!


Make Meal Prep Easy!


We like the rule of threes because it’s a simple place to start for meal prep, and many of our clients have seen tremendous success using this method. 

You can also use the rule of fours, but three is a great starting point.

So what is the rule of threes for meal prep?


Simply pick:

Three main protein sources.

Three main carb and veggie sources.

Three main fat sources.


Once you’ve picked your primary protein, carb, and fat sources, you get to mix and match, and before you know it, you have tons of different options!

Add different spices and sauces to your meals, and you can have several different meals with different flavors based on your mood that day!

This method is simple to implement and makes meal prep quick and easy. You can also use it to satisfy the picky eaters in your house by choosing items they’ll eat and enjoy!


Simple Meal Prep Leads to Results


What we love about the rule of threes is that it not only keeps things simple but it’s going to help you feel successful because tracking three ingredients is way easier than trying to track a 10+ ingredient meal.

When you feel more successful with tracking, you are more invested in the process and get excited about your progress.

Here are a few examples of meals you could make using the rule of threes!


Meal 1: Eggs or egg whites, toast, and avocado (bonus: add some veggies or fruit)

Meal 2: Chicken breast, broccoli, sweet potato, and olive oil

Meal 3: Ground beef, rice, peppers, and cheese (use some pasta sauce and make stuffed peppers)


Meal 1: Eggs, toast, and avocado

Meal 2: Ground beef, shredded lettuce, rice, and cheese.

Meal 3: Shredded chicken, sweet potato, and olive oil or cheese (use buffalo or BBQ sauce to season the chicken)

You can use the rule of threes for your main meals and staples during the week while also adding in some additional sources for snacks.

Some KJO coaches like to keep Greek yogurt, extra fruit, oatmeal, and nut butter on hand in case they want to swap out some sources while still keeping things easy!


Understand Your Macros


The other great thing about this method is that you can easily track your food in advance (if you’re tracking macros as a tool), so if you want to indulge in a treat, you can fit it in more easily. 

You’re also less likely to miss your macro targets if you know which protein, carb, and fat sources you’re focusing your main meals around! 

Overall, you’re more likely to find long-term success using a meal prep method like the rule of threes or fours.

But sometimes a meal prep guide isn’t enough. 

If you want to get a better understanding of macros and why you should track them, check out this FREE Macro Tracking Quickstart Guide. 

We’ll teach you macros basics and how you can use this flexible dieting practice to achieve your goals without restrictions! 

And if you want the additional support of a 1:1 coach who can help you with your nutrition, fitness, and mindset, the KJO Coaching team would be thrilled to help! Click here to inquire about coaching. 

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