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Quote from client who wanted to wait until the holidays are over to start her fitness journey

So you’re looking to hire a coach because you want to improve your health and fitness. But, once you find the right coach, you find yourself saying something along the lines of:

“I’m ready! But I think I’ll wait until the holidays are over.”

Does this statement sound familiar?⁣

I chatted with a prospective KJO Coaching client, and she said these exact words to me.⁣
(she signed up after I shared with her what I’m sharing with you in this post)⁣

This isn’t just a holiday thing

The “I’m ready. But...”⁣ statement happens year-round! 

Right now, we’re in the midst of the holiday season. Next, someone will have a birthday, then you’ll go on vacation, or be stressed, or a million other excuses will come up.

Whether it’s the holidays or a vacation that’s approaching, it feels like it makes sense to put your health and fitness goals on hold until they pass, right?

Stop right there - I’m calling you out.

The truth is - this perspective might be what holds you back year-round. There will never be a perfect time. So why not now?.

Let’s unpack the psychology behind this

A lot is happening in this “I’m ready, but…” statement, so let’s talk about what’s really going on. 

Hint: thinking this way mostly is not your fault.

Here’s what I see within this statement:


The client in question (maybe you, too?) wants to focus on her health and fitness but doesn’t believe she can during this time of year.⁣

Her internal desires (the desire to improve her health) are being squashed by external circumstances (the holidays).⁣

Unfortunately, she doesn’t believe she can have both.⁣

When you’re in this position, you don’t believe in your internal ability to navigate these external circumstances. Your mindset is at play here. 

You know that you can change (growth mindset is trying), but not right now (fixed mindset wins).


She’s ready, but she assumes that she can’t do it. ⁣

She has the assumption that she needs to put her health & fitness goals on pause during the holidays.⁣


What’s worse is that because of this assumption, she is likely to turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.⁣ (Aka, because she’s assuming she can’t balance the holidays and her health, she won’t be able to.)⁣

This client, or you and anyone who wants to improve their health, might also see this as a last chance (to indulge, enjoy, etc.) before starting to focus on health and fitness. This kind of mindset may result in eating and drinking all the things now because there’s a fear that they won’t be available later (ever heard of all-or-nothing thinking??)


Social norms tie into the assumptions, which leads to that discrepancy and mindset issue we already discussed above.⁣

Good ol’ society tells us 24/7 that health and fitness equal dieting⁣.

And dieting means no Christmas cookies.⁣

We’re led to believe that the only way to reach our health and fitness goals is through restriction, deprivation, and a complete overhaul of our current lifestyle. 

If that’s the mindset someone has, then, of course, it’s silly to hire a coach during this time of the year. Who wants to be deprived, restricted, and change up their entire life during the holidays?

Not me!

The reality

There’s never a perfect time to start. Never. You’ll always have a reason to wait.⁣

Health & fitness goals DO NOT…

⁣I REPEAT: DO! NOT! need to take away from your holiday experiences.⁣

You don’t need to be restrictive and deprive yourself of all of the foods you enjoy for the sake of health. 

You also don’t need to go through an entire lifestyle overhaul.⁣

In fact — it should be the opposite.⁣

A good coach will help you navigate the holidays without feeling the need to go jingle balls to the wall on food and drinks with plans to just “start later.”⁣

They will work WITH you to plan for your lifestyle, preferences, and priorities in a sustainable way no matter what events or holidays come up.

This will (and should) look different depending on the person.⁣

Because you, your life, and your goals are unique to YOU.⁣

A good coach, the kind that will help you achieve your goals without making you hate your life, will consider all of these unique aspects before they set you up with a plan. That’s the only way to achieve true long-term, sustainable success. 

Ready to stop getting in your own way?⁣

Are you done letting assumptions and society determine your outcomes for you?⁣

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