Are Your Thoughts Distorted?

cognitive distortions negative thoughts reframe thought exercise thought patterns Mar 10, 2020

Your thoughts are out to get you 👹⁣

“Cognitive distortion” is a fancy way of saying “your thoughts aren’t always helpful or correct”⁣

In this post I list 13 common distortions.⁣

I’m sure every single one of you can think of a recent example when your thoughts were distorted in these 13 ways.⁣

In fact, health/fitness/wellness thoughts are usually FULL of distortions:⁣

🧠 “I can’t believe I still have 10lbs to lose” *when you’ve lost 10lbs but want to lose 20lbs*⁣

🧠 “My friends make it impossible to reduce my alcohol consumption — I can’t do anything about it”⁣

🧠 “Last time I tried to get back into shape I failed after a month. Chances are high that’ll happen again”⁣

🧠 “I had this gut feeling that I wouldn’t be successful, so I decided not to go for it”⁣

Self awareness is always the first step to changing thoughts and behaviors.⁣

Getting the hang of *hearing* these distortions in your own head (or telling others) gives you the opportunity to REFRAME those thoughts in a more accurate and helpful way.⁣