Should You Track Your Food?

calories control emotional eating macros tracking macros

If you track macros, you’re too obsessive.⁣

If you don’t track macros, you’re not disciplined.⁣

My 2 cents 💰⤵️⁣

Tracking intake is a great tool to LEARN what the heck your food is made up of, so even if you AREN’T tracking, you still have a basic understanding…⁣

Like that a grande Starbucks Frappuccino will set you back 55g carbs & 15g fat⁣

Or that the some of the salads at Cheesecake Factory are MORE calories/macros than the cheesecake.⁣

Yesterday I asked you all to share your experience with tracking vs. not - for the most part “IIFYM” provided food freedom, but often also required folks to dial back the “eat whatever tf I want”⁣

Personally, I’ve been tracking for most of the last 8 years (damn lol)⁣

Not everyday is perfect,⁣
I’ve taken weeks off,⁣
had lots of untracked meals,⁣
I guesstimate plenty,⁣
and most of all — I’m not tied to it emotionally.⁣

It’s mindless and habitual. I see it as a means to an end.⁣

It helps me reach my goals, but still have a little chocolate everyday (yes, everyday).⁣

I don’t NEED to track my food to feel in control.⁣

When I choose to NOT track, it doesn’t make me feel anxious.⁣

(I can confidently say that I’ve helped many others feel the same. Something I’m so proud of)⁣

But for me, it wasn’t always that way.⁣

Thanks to a lot of education, intentional time, hiring GOOD coaches, plenty of “inner work”, and a PhD in Psychology focusing on mindset/health behavior change...⁣

❗️My progress, my identity, my worth doesn’t hinge on protein, carbs and fats.⁣

^ some might read this and think “Of course it doesn’t. I don’t get it?”⁣

^ others will think “I wish that was me.”⁣

It’s impossible to completely detach emotion from food.⁣

Food is how we celebrate, mourn, help, and share.⁣

But NUMBERS don’t have to be emotional.⁣


1️⃣ You can track macros and it not be obsessive or disorderly.⁣

2️⃣ You can NOT track macros & still have goals.⁣

3️⃣ This is person dependent, but I believe 97% of people would benefit from tracking their intake at least for a bit of time ⁣

4️⃣ Order the salad with dressing on the side & ditch the crispy fried onion strings to save yourself 1,000+ calories⁣