Restriction as a Tool for Growth

growth mindset mindset momentary restriction restriction May 22, 2020

This is a tool I often use with my clients.⁣

Or, I should say, they use with themselves.⁣

KJO Coaching is alllll about flexibility, sustainability, education, and NOT restriction.⁣

But I believe there’s a time & place for “momentary restriction”⁣

This is a concept (that I made up lol) requiring temporary restriction from something, for the sake of mental challenge and “trying” something out to understand the personal benefits (or detriments)⁣


-Eliminating processed foods for 1 week to get back into the groove of healthy eating ⁣

-Going dairy free for 2 weeks to see if it improves your digestion⁣

-Unplugging the WiFi at 8pm for 1 week to see how it feels to be “offline” as you wind down for the night⁣

-Ditching alcohol for 2 weeks⁣

You might be thinking… if you want to do it, then DO IT. Not just for 7 days??⁣

Here’s why ⤵️⁣

If you do these things right now (eat lots of processed food, consume dairy daily, sit on your phone until you go to bed, drink multiple times per week)⁣

Then making the decision to STOP for no predetermined amount of time, will feel impossible. You won’t try.⁣

But just 1 or 2 weeks? 👌⁣

It relieves you of the responsibility to keep this up fOrEvEr.⁣

You can do practically anything for this short amount of time.⁣

+ strengthen your self-control & your ability to keep promises to yourself, too.⁣

This is an opportunity to see what “life might be like” if you WERE to make permanent change.⁣

Without processed foods, you discover you have a lot of fun getting creative with snack choices?⁣

You feel less bloated when you don’t consume dairy?⁣

You sleep BEST when you’re not on screens before bed?⁣

You realize that you have just as much fun with your friends without alcohol?⁣

EPIPHANIES that you wouldn’t have had without momentary restriction.⁣

It’s possible that you won’t have a massive revelation, or maybe you even feel worse in some capacity.⁣

But even that ^^^ is STILL important information.⁣
It STILL provides you with insights about yourself.⁣

👉Awareness, trial & error, and safe experimentation.⁣

⚠️I don’t recommend this “tool” for everyone. And as a coach, it should be used wisely.