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Text postL Are the things you value and the things you prioritize the same things?

The Thing That’s Holding You Back From Achieving Your Goals

cognitive dissonance priorities values May 20, 2020

If you struggle with consistency, you are not alone. 

You must be consistent whether you want to get stronger, lose fat, or achieve any other fitness goal.

But sometimes, that consistency isn’t there, and you can’t figure out why you’re struggling so much. 

It could be that your values and priorities aren’t fully aligned, so you’re struggling to do what it takes to achieve your desired results. 


Why You’re Struggling to Achieve Your Goals


“I had an epiphany after our phone call!”⁣

This is a direct quote from a client check-in.⁣

She realized that the source of her recent inability to stick to the plan stemmed from misaligned values and priorities.⁣

You see, 50% of her wanted to continue making progress, focusing deeply on her health, and getting stronger.⁣

But the other 50% felt the pull to join her friends and party, “act her age,” and not care so much about food and fitness.⁣

Her lack of alignment left her feeling unfulfilled and confused.⁣

This discomfort is known as “cognitive dissonance” in psychology land—it’s what happens when your actions aren’t in line with your values (or, at least, what you say your values are).⁣

Through a series of questions and a long chat, she came to this epiphany:⁣


“Who I want to be, and feel good being, is not supported by the environment previously built to support the party girl who couldn’t care less about her overall health.”


That’s an incredible epiphany that will significantly impact this client’s ability to be consistent and achieve her fitness goals. ⁣


Align Your Values and Priorities

If you’re feeling confused, pulled in different directions, and unfulfilled, I would encourage you to think about the following:⁣

Are the things you value and the things you prioritize the same?⁣

How is what you’re currently doing not working, not making you feel good, or not helping you become the person you want to be?⁣

If there’s a change you want to make (but haven’t), how would your life look different if you finally did?⁣

And what will things look like if you don’t change?⁣

Don’t just read this and scroll by. Take some time with these questions. 

They should inspire some unearthing of deeper shit.⁣

It’s not comfortable. But it’s damn helpful.⁣

This is how you get to those epiphany moments!

Dealing with the deep shit is a surefire way to start making real change.⁣


Dig Even Deeper


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