Back to Lifting? Is your weight up?

weight gain Dec 14, 2020

This is normal, good, & necessary.⁣

LOTS of our 1:1 clients are experiencing this, with a momentary sense of panic + confusion.⁣

But after my response back to them and a live video chat last week, they’re good.⁣

...Because science. 🤓⁣

This is a great example of how more knowledge about your body can be powerful.⁣

Getting back to heavy lifting (and for some, any lifting at all) is a bit of a shock to ya bod.⁣

Similar things can happen when you switch up your programming or try something new.⁣

You might notice the scale is up 1-2lbs around this change (and likely some soreness too - a sign of micro tears & inflammation)⁣

If you’re totally new to strength training, you should expect this scale spike too.⁣


It’s just water.⁣

And lucky for you - your body is an adaptation machine 🤖⁣

As your muscles get used to your lifting program (whether you’re back post-quarantine or brand new to lifting) they’ll become more efficient with energy resources and recovery.⁣

^ which means, less water retention showing up on the scale⁣

TLDR: tell the scale to stfu, know that your body is doing what it’s supposed to do, and focus on the gains 🤘⁣