3 Elements of Behavior Change

behavior change Sep 11, 2020

When woo woo meets science⁣

When I tell people I got my PhD in mindsets and health behavior change ... it sounds made up⁣

*mindset* & *behavior change* feels very abstract and floaty lol⁣

Whereas *science* is opposite - concrete and logical⁣

But there is indeed a science to this floaty stuff, and it’s kind of my life goal to explain this to the world 😆⁣

And it’s not just social science (my PhD is actually in psychology) but neuroscience too 🧠⁣

Behavior change starts with an OBJECTIVE⁣

👉 What do you want to achieve? Straight forward. Cut n dry.⁣

But then requires a PROCESS⁣

👉 Because we all know what happens when you want to make a change but have zero plan in place to actually take action 🙃⁣

What you can do to start the process:⁣

Adjust your environment, figure out where new behaviors fit in your schedule, work through any mindset blocks, maybe hire a good coach to guide you⁣

This is the “how”... and if you can find some enjoyment in this part, that’s major 🔑⁣

…Most importantly, you need to identify your true “why”⁣


(note this is NOT the same as your objective)⁣

As much as we like to think we are logical beings... this feely emotional stuff typically plays the largest role in successful, sustained behavior change.⁣

How this could look: you’re the best version of yourself when you’re healthy, fit, and active.⁣

What’s your current objective?⁣

What’s the process look like to get there?⁣

And why do you TRULY want it?⁣

You might need unearth some deep shit here. But that’s good. Embrace that shit 🤘⁣


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