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“My KJO coach, Brooke, is helping me through a reverse diet and programming an awesome workout routine. More importantly she is guiding me through building confidence in myself and bettering my relationship with food. Since working with her, I have learned so much about what body needs, and I recently was able to eat an unplanned meal out without derailing my progress or feeling guilty the morning after! I also have had a pack of Reese’s pumpkins in my pantry for two weeks and have only eaten one! Before working with Brooke, I would have eaten the whole pack in a weekend without even thinking. Brooke is truly helping me become a better, healthier version of myself!” -



What were you struggling with first when you first came to KJO coaching?  

"Consistency and mindset"

What is different about coaching with Ashlyn or KJO Coaching as a whole than other diets, coaches, programs?

"It felt very personal working with Ashlyn. My program was designed with me week by week. "

What was the moment you realized coaching with Ashlyn was really working for you? and  How is your life different now after working with Ashlyn and the KJO Coaching team?

"I have a better focus on what I want to accomplish. It's not a "thing" it's how.  How I want to live my life. I have learned gentleness. Ashlyn reminded me that it doesn't have to be perfect everyday. We are OK to let some things go and be gentle with ourselves. My best example was trying to figure out how to get all my workouts in one week due to other commitments. I hadn't missed a workout in months and Ashlyn simply asked me what would happen if I missed a workout.  I hadn't considered that an option. It was so freeing to adjust that mindset. This was the moment I realized Ashlyn was helping me."



My original reason for wanting to invest in coaching was simply to lose weight, but I've gotten so much more out of it. Kasey's personalized nutrition plans along with her guidance, recipes, & meal ideas have been incredibly helpful. I have lost more than 25 pounds since I started with her, but what I believe is even more important is that she has helped me make positive changes about the way I think about eating in terms of portion sizes, "good" vs. "bad" foods, and not feeling like I have to be starve myself to lose weight.

I love that she helps keep me honest with myself and provides motivation when I need it! 


Having been sucked into all sorts of diets and exercise programs it always ended the same: I gained back the weight, went back old eating habits, and stopped exercising.

I knew I needed a lifestyle and mindset change! Working with KJO Coaching has shown me that fitness is a journey, not a destination.

I have learned that maintaining a sustainable, active, and a realistic lifestyle doesn’t mean sacrificing and deprivation but rather, still getting to enjoy your favorites with a little pre-planning! I’ve really enjoyed working with and learning from Kasey - she is a patient, knowledgeable, and kind coach that celebrates your progressions as if they were her own.


"I think the biggest difference though is that even if I hadn't seen any change at all I would still be happy with my progress and excited to keep going. KJO has definitely ADDED more to my life while past attempts at making changes have been rooted in sacrifice. I feel like I had a breakthrough in mindset the last few days - in the past I'd always use the insecurity/self hate as my motivator to make better choices/go to the gym. Since I've started coaching I've noticed a slow shift in wanting to do these things because they make me feel good - not as a punishment or as a way to try to change physically. My weight has been stable so seeing such big changes in the photos was shocking!



The big difference is that KJO coaching works with your mindset first. Introducing small changes at the time and you do not even realise how big changes you actually do in a very short amount of time.

I don't know if there was a specific point but I have been able to have my treats and still feel like everything is under control. I do not obsess about it anymore and most importantly I do not have any guilty feelings. I have a treat when I have a craving but there is no mindless binging anymore because I know I am allowed to have it when I actually have a graving. I have just grown so much and I feel like a totally new person. 

I will continue having the weekly check-ins with myself and I will also keep tracking my macros during weekdays- just to see that I hit my fiber and protein goals and I will continue weighing myself daily (another win- the scale is just a tool, nothing to obsess about).

Ashlyn made the coaching and changes so seamless and effortless. It was all in all a great experience with so many wins. And I have become so much stronger. I loved loved loved the workouts Ashlyn created!

 I am so grateful for this growth- it is impossible to describe it with words. I am just in a totally different headspace now. It's just so crazy that I do not obsess about treats anymore - I have the treats but in normal amounts and I have not been bingeing for months now and I am also not obsessing about the fact that I had a treat.


This is what whole-person health and fitness coaching sounds like



"I started looking for a nutrition coach after I had been working out four to five times a week for a year and was not getting the results I wanted so I was losing motivation. A trainer at the gym told me about Kasey and my life has changed ever since. 

I was one of those people who thought eating “right” revolved around strict eating habits and starving yourself. Kasey taught me that to lose weight I needed to eat more of the good stuff and less on the “bad”. The first couple of weeks were hard for me because I didn’t know I was not eating enough and so when she gave me macronutrients to follow I had a tough time eating it all. It felt like a lot of food! She was there every step of the way even taking my phone call at night to help me grocery shop! Now that we have been on my journey for a couple of months I have lost eight pounds, gained muscle definition, and now have a healthier relationship with food. Instead of eating candy at work, I know that having a healthier, more fulfilling snack will 1. Help me maintain fullness and 2. Provide the nutrients I am trying get. I am way happier now then I was in the last five years. Kasey has taught me it is okay to have some of the unhealthier foods once in a while, in moderation, but the most important thing is that I now have the confidence to know I can make healthier choices and I’m recognizing my bad previous habits. I am stronger now then I have ever been and I have her and hard work to thank for that!"


Finally, coaches that care about more than just what you eat and how much you workout



When I first started my fitness journey you would never catch me in a crop top.

I didn’t want people to see what my stomach looked like. After all my realizations with you and how my aesthetic goals have changed, I decided I wanted to wear crop tops and redo my fitness wardrobe to a more updated look. Wearing one today and I feel so comfortable in my skin now and every time I look in the mirror I think “damn I look good!” I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. 


I haven’t worried about anything and feel like I finally found my sweet spot in my health journey. I found something that is sustainable for me and allows me to go through my journey based on how I feel and not how I look. My gym sessions are even getting better as I properly fuel myself and reap the benefits at the gym. I feel like you have completely shifted my mindset to overall health and not just an aesthetic goal. I feel like I can do this long term easily and continue to improve my health. You have changed my life completely and showed me during this time that my goal doesn’t always have to be looked at and improved my mindset completely. I think that I will definitely be ready to spread my wings at the end of the month and put everything you taught me to the test on my own. 

I am forever grateful for you. When I first started with you, my goals were not long term lasting goals. I had  this picture in my head of what I wanted to look like and you helped me shift my goals to lifestyle goals. I wanted to have a body like a bikini competitor and didn’t realize the amount of nutritional sacrifices I would have to make to achieve it. Plus keeping a physique like that is not sustainable long term. You helped shift my mindset and show me that health is all about how I feel not how I look. You even helped me through a surgical recovery and taught me how to help my body recover from something so taxing. I literally could go on and on about everything you have done for me and everything you taught me to be my best self. It was so easy being honest with you about my feelings and what I was going through during my whole journey. You have set me up to be successful for years to come and showed me how to be accepting of my changing goals and mindset. I also want to mention how inviting and comforting you were when we first met over the phone. I was looking at all of my options for a coach and I remember getting such a cold interaction with a different coach. I thought because they had over 100,000 followers they were the best fit for me. I remember filling out the application and the next day I got a text that just said “our price is 300/month for just nutrition and 400/month for nutrition and training. Let me know which you are choosing.” It left such a sour taste in my mouth and that’s when I found KJO coaching. I filled out the application and Kasey spent an hour on a call with me just getting to know me and talk about what kind of goals I was looking to achieve. She didn’t even talk about pricing until the very end. It was so welcoming and refreshing. You did the same exact thing once I officially joined. You listened to me talk about my journey so far before I signed up and what I was hoping to achieve. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me

KJO helped me realize that I just wanted to be healthy and strong and no longer cared about having a flat stomach. I switched from celebrating lost weight on the scale to celebrating new PRs in the gym on different lifts. Without Ashlyn, I would still be pushing myself to get a flat stomach and not improving my overall health. I even shifted from needing to count macros to focusing on overall health and eat intuitively. I can’t even begin to thank Ashlyn for how much she changed my life.