Obsessed with Self Improvement: Examining The Pros and Cons of Personal Development

3 part series

Crush Your Goals by Reframing Your Mindset and Beliefs

Building a Transformative Mindset with Anders Varner, Doug Larson, and Coach Travis Mash Barbell Shrugged

Essential Mindset Shifts for Reaching Your Goals

Why a Growth Mindset is Critical to Reaching Health & Fitness Goals

How to Use Visualization + Mental Contrasting to Become Your Best Self with host Emily Duncan

Growth Mindset Science with Kasey Jo Orvidas, Ph.D.

The Dark Side of The Growth Mindset

How To Actually Shift Your Mindset

All Things Mindset – All or Nothing Thinking, How We Talk to Ourselves, and More!

Understanding Mindset and Applying it to Fitness Coaching

The Psychology of Coaching

Psychology of Stress, Willpower, & Self-Compassion

Growth Mindset and Habit Change

The Science of Stress & Self Control

The Psychology of Behavior Change

Growth vs Fixed Mindset 

Growth vs. Fixed mindset, Setting SMARTER Goals, Preventing Self-Sabotage and More

The Science Behind Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

Your Mind Impacts Your Health And Fitness Behaviors

Unconventional Career Paths, Non-Negotiable Daily Habits, & Science-Backed Goal Setting

Creating Autonomy, Awareness, and Achievement Through Building a Growth Mindset

Mindset, Behavior Change, & “Diets Don’t Work” 

Growth vs Fixed Mindset 

Sam Miller & Kasey Jo Orvidas, Ph.D. on Mindset, Metabolism, & Filling Gaps in the Fitness Space

 Cultivating A Growth Mindset, Making/Breaking Habits, And More... 

A better and more effective way to set and chase big goals

The Relationship Between Our Brain and Our Fitness Journey

Why Your Mindset DIRECTLY Impacts Your Motivation

Mindset Psychology with Dr. Kasey Orvidas

Psychology of Fitness and Growth Mindset

Let's Talk Health: Mindset & Health

Learning How to Change

The differences between a growth and fixed mindset, how to cultivate a growth mindset in children, and how obesity traits as adults can linked back to childhood

Sam Miller and Kasey Orvidas

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