Water: The Closest Thing We Have to a Magic Potion


Finally! We found the QUICK FIX for whatever ails you!!

My clients will tell you, I am practically the hydration police and bring up their water intake during EVERY. SINGLE. CHECK IN.

So WHY do I care so much?

Proper hydration is critical for living a healthy life, as it has an impact on just about every aspect of your body including your brain, physical health, and performance both in the gym and in everyday life!

When it comes to your physical health, proper fluid balance is necessary for your organs to function properly.
· Your kidneys need adequate fluid to filter toxins from your body.
· Proper hydration means adequate blood volume, contributing to blood pressure and heart rate
· Proper blood volume means nutrients are able to be pumped to different areas of your body more efficiently
· Adequate fluid intake is critical for proper digestion and movement of waste through the gastrointestinal tract

Now how about that big organ we like to call YOUR BRAIN…Dehydration can cause serious detriment to your mental health as well.
Studies show that dehydration can cause changes in:
· Concentration
· Short term memory
· Visual tracking
· Mood
· Cognition
· Sleep quality

Surprise! Hydration plays a critical role in your athletic performance as well!
Proper fluid balance has been linked to:
· Improved endurance
· More motivation
· Less fatigue
· Decreased perceived effort

So you want to perform better in the gym? Get that promotion at work? Stop forgetting to pick up your kids from daycare? Try adding water! It’s the ultimate quick fix!💧