Resolutions: So You Fell Off Track... Now is the Time to Adapt

Jan 08, 2021

1 week in and 30% of New Years resolutions have already been lost…

Coach Brooke here to tell you.. now is the time to adjust!

Start with assessment: What do you think went wrong?
o By using your set backs as a set of data points, we can use them to develop a better plan in the future.
o Was the goal too big? Did you fail to take the necessary steps to prepare? Did you go from 0-100 overnight?
o All of these points can be used to help you develop a better method of reaching your goal!

Start talking about it!
o Having a support system can have a HUGE impact on your success. Communicating your goals with those around you has been shown to contribute to success!
o Find yourself with a less than supportive community? Maybe it is time to hire a coach!

o Starting small and having sub-goals that are realistic and achievable can help you stay on track!

Celebrate the small wins!
o Often times, individuals choose goals that can take weeks or even months to reach.
o By celebrating the small wins made day in and day out, we gain the instant gratification that we look for as humans!

Lastly, believe in yourself!
o If you simply BELIEVE you can achieve your goals, you have already got a better chance of reaching your goals!