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5 FREE Mindset 
& Behavior Change Lessons

created by psychologist & fitness coach,
Kasey Orvidas, Ph.D.

Learn how to increase adherence, retention & success with your clients...
  • Stop their all-or-nothing and fixed mindset thinking
  • Tackle self-sabotaging behaviors that keep them from being successful
  • Help them develop more self-control
  • Guide them to more motivation and follow through
    (aka no more ghosting you!)

Retain clients longer, confidently help clients work through mindset barriers, & make your coaching more profitable.

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** I'll email you the lessons AND you'll be automatically added to the Health Mindset Coaching Certification waitlist (access to discounts, bonuses, & early enrollment)

There's a science to this "mindset stuff"

And I want to teach you!


You'll get 5 FREE lessons (including PDF downloads) that give you a taste of what the Health Mindset Coaching Certification is all about: the science of mindset and health behavior change.

HMCC is a 13-week program for health and fitness professionals to learn how to encourage a growth mindset in clients to promote increased retention, connection, adherence, and success. But you can start learning and implementing these 5 free lessons right away.

👉LESSON 1: how to use a tool called "momentary restriction" to build more independence and promote behavior change in your clients (not all restrictive practices have to be bad!)

👉LESSON 2: We'll walk through a common barrier to client success - comparison. You'll learn how tor help clients focus more on their present goals and stay committed to the process.

👉LESSON 3: I share a real life client explain with you to help you finally start to answer that frustrating question... "WHY won't my client follow through?!"

👉LESSON 4: Successful, adherent clients require effective communication strategies from their coach. I'll walk you through the basics of motivational interviewing - a scientifically validated method to promote behavior change. 

👉LESSON 5: After nearly 5 years researching psychology and mindset for health behavior change AND coaching 100s of individuals on their own fitness journeys... I've developed a framework for the most effective coaching strategies: The G.R.O.W. model. In this lesson, I'll walk you through it.

Kasey's Health Mindset Coaching Certification is recognized by the National Academy of Sports MedicineAthletics and Fitness Association of America, and the American Council on Exercise as an Approved Continuing Education Provider.

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you're a health and fitness professionals that is:


Already well-versed in nutrition and/or exercise, but have received little to no formal training or education in mindset, behavior change, and client communication.

Interested in mindset and psychology but unsure of how to actually apply the research and science to coaching practices.

Wanting to feel more confident in abilities to help clients with psychological aspects of health and fitness, such as: mindset, habits, goal setting, self control, motivation, negative thought patterns, and more.

Constantly struggling with non-adherent clients and feel unable to help those with self-sabotaging behaviors, all-or-nothing thinking, and/or mindset barriers.

If any of the above sounds familiar...

It's not your fault.

Your nutrition and personal training certifications never prepared you for this.

Psychology, Mindset, and Behavior Change science is the missing piece in your coaching practices.

Your training to become a better, more confident coach with less frustration and more successful, adherent clients...

(which of course, will also positively impact your bottom line 💰)


Sign up for 5 FREE lessons to help you increase client adherence, retention, and success!

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 I coach, mentor, write and teach with one main focus: build strong bodies and healthy lifestyles, starting with your mindset.

I’ve been a health coach for 6 years and started that journey as I was also working toward my doctorate degree in psychology. During my Ph.D. I studied and conducted research related to mindset and health behavior change (my focus was on exercise and healthy eating). This allowed me to take what I was learning in the lab, and apply it to my coaching in real time. 

It didn’t take me long to recognize a massive gap in the health coaching world; there was so much focus on nutrition and training science, but little to no focus on what really mattered when it came to applying the science to clients... mindset.

I created the Health Coach Mindset Certification program as a way of bridging this gap and sharing with you what I’ve learned from years of coaching, researching, implementing, reading, and absolutely loving. And you start for FREE by signing up for my free lessons.


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You can start to use the science of mindset and behavior change with your clients RIGHT NOW 🎉

sign up for 5 FREE lessons to help you increase adherence, retention, and success!