To Track or Not to Track Your Macros While on Vacation!

balance macros moderation tracking macros travelling Jun 21, 2021

To Track or Not to Track Your Macros While on Vacation!

If you’re tracking macros as a tool for your fitness journey... it can get stressful when you’re not in your home environment⁣

In Hawaii currently - I chose to not tracking a single macro ⁣

For me, this is more of a mental break and absolutely not an excuse to go all out on mai tais and açaí bowls 

Because I KNOW my lifestyle supports having these things whenever I want... I also don’t feel the need to “get it all in” right now⁣

However, there have been plenty of trips where I HAVE stayed on top of my macros.

What are Macros?

To keep things super simple...if you don’t know what Macros are...DO NOT STRESS! 

Macro is a word short for Macronutrients — they are proteins, fats and carbohydrates that your body uses to create energy.

Macronutrients are responsible for the calorie count in your food. One gram of carbohydrates provides 4 calories, one gram of protein provides 4 calories and one gram of fat provides 9 calories. Alcohol is also considered a macronutrient and provides 7 calories per gram, but it adds no nutritional value to your body and is not included in most macro calculations.

When you follow a macro diet, you go beyond counting calories and focus on tracking macros in food. Depending on your health goals, you can adjust the ratios of macronutrients you consume to maintain a healthy weight, build muscle or even kick-start ketosis.

Tracking While You’re Away

At KJO Coaching we have a bunch of clients starting some short-term diet phases right now — and tracking while they are on trips is in their best interest, simply put.

So here are a few things to make “travel tracking” easier:⁣

Choose healthy, macro-friendly options⁣

“Healthy” and “easy to track” typically go hand in hand.

Think like.... salads, steak + veggies, egg white omelette, etc... all easy to track because you can physically SEE each ingredient.⁣

Dishes with tons of ingredients and sauces are harder to track.... and often less healthy overall.⁣

✨TIP: Ask for sauces, dressings, & cheese on the side. These are usually the high-calorie culprits that restaurants tend to overuse. Getting them on the side allows you to moderate and control how much of it you are actually eating!

One last thing to remember — don’t be afraid to make substitutions!! (eg steamed veggies instead of potatoes), 99% of the time if you are kind and ask nicely, the server will get the Chef to adjust anything that you are asking for. A smile goes a long way!

Shared treats⁣

Just because you’re tracking macros doesn’t mean you can’t have dessert - you just might need to adjust your portions. Try splitting it with someone else!

✨TIP: Slow tf down. Savor. You might notice that after a couple of bites, you’ve got what you wanted and really don’t need more.⁣ When this happens, you NEED to listen to your body and what it is telling you — you will be happy that you did it in the first place!

Pack protein⁣

A daily protein shake can really help keep those protein numbers up. Stock up on protein staples when you get to your destination too.⁣

Adding a few protein bars or packing a few grams worth of protein powder in your checked luggage is going to make a huge difference that you won’t be sorry you did it! 

Don’t neglect activity!⁣

Keeping your caloric expenditure up will help take care of the sneaky calories you might miss or if you do happen to go over macros, this is even more important!⁣

Walk around & explore, hike, take a local yoga class, challenge yourself to make the most of the hotel gym... I promise, movement will only ADD to your trip.

So, to Track or Not to Track?

I think that the biggest challenge shouldn’t be about looking at the numbers and counting while you are away — but instead about making SMART decisions and keeping your fitness and health goals forever in the back of your mind. Eat slower, bring snacks that you know are good for your Macros, move your body, have fun and be present in the moment!

We never want you to look back on a trip and resent the things that you did, eat or drink — it is all about moderation!

If you’re heading out and want to keep everything in check, speak with your coach — they will have even more tips and ideas to help you stay on track AND enjoy your time away.