The Gut: Also Known As the Second Brain

Dec 25, 2020

A happy tummy is a happy life. Our gut is incredibly fascinating and powerful. This is why it’s considered the second brain.

It does SO much more than break down our food. It’s plays a vital role in sleep, training, body composition, hormone production, etc.

There are 5 key areas to optimal gut health that should be addressed/monitored to ensure your body is functioning optimally.

1️⃣ Maximize your Digestion: SLOW down when eating. Chew each bite FULLY. Put your🍴down between bites. Set aside 15-20min. to eat, away from work.
>>Try adding in 1 TBSP of ACV 10 min. before your meal.
>>Consider adding in a QUALITY enzyme supplement.
>>Supplement w/ HCL‼️(this should be monitored as supplementing with HCL for someone who has/had H. pylori could make things worse.

2️⃣ Liver & GallBladder Function: ever notice you have trouble digesting higher fat meals? Or see a “greasy” film in your BM? This could be sign that your gall bladder is a little slow.
>>Add in 1-2tsp Swedish Bitters 10 min before meals to help stimulate bile production.
>>Eat more bitter foods—dandelion root, ginger, artichoke, ACV, Brussel sprouts.

3️⃣Balance your Gut: Reduce inflammation and rebalancing the bacteria in your gut to keep digestion happy and healthy.
>>Eat a diet ⬆️ in micronutrients and fibers.
>>8-10 shades of 🍎 and 🥗/day (the more variety you have, the more diverse your tummy 🐛 will be)
>>Supplement with botanicals, antimicrobials, etc to flush out the bad guys ‼️—should be monitored by health care provider.

4️⃣Bowel Regularity:1-3 💩 a day? Alternating constipation/diarrhea? Getting this under control is imperative to proper detoxification & colon health.
>>Add in fibrous foods, healthy fats, pre/pro-biotics, bitter foods, flax seed
>>Supplement with binders.

5️⃣Strong Motility: the act of moving food through the digestive tract. If food isn’t efficiently pushed through the body, this is when dysbiosis, infections, SIBO, etc can start to show up.
>>Experiment w/ fasting (TRF 10-12 hour feeding window)
>>Add in pro-kinetics-ginger,chamomile, peppermint, Artichoke, 5-HTP.