Diets work.⁣ Shitty diets don’t.⁣ ⁣

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Diets work.⁣

Shitty diets don’t.⁣

Well, they do, but it’s very temporary.⁣

And in the long run they do more than just “not work” they set you up to be worse off, both physically and psychologically.⁣

The quick fix, fad diet industry THRIVES off of this.⁣

They make billions of dollars every year by preying on your:⁣


Previous failed attempts,⁣

False hope (yesterday’s post),⁣

and lack of awareness pertaining to things like energy balance, adaptive thermogenesis, and reverse dieting (last week’s posts)⁣

They want you to succeed in the short term.⁣

Because if you were to keep the weight off, become more confident and capable, and shift your mindset...⁣

Then they’d be out of books to write and shitty tactics to sell.⁣

I was asked recently what to look for in a good coach.⁣

And I realized that a good coach is truly the opposite of a shitty diet:⁣

✅They will take into consideration… your environment, mindset, dieting history, stress levels, current exercise & eating habits + behaviors⁣

NOT provide a one-size-fits-all approach.⁣

✅They will prepare you to handle challenges and help you work through barriers as they arise (because they will. And a good coach will be honest about that too).⁣

NOT give you a food list + guidelines…and if obstacles trip you up, well, that’s your own fault.⁣

✅They will teach you flexibility and sustainability.⁣

NOT treat you like a robot with no life.⁣

✅They will help you repair poor relationships with good and exercise.⁣

NOT create new negative thought patterns and exacerbate current issues.⁣

✅They will understand how the human body works, and use this knowledge to provide you with tools to manage things on your own.⁣

NOT lock you in as a repeat customer till you die⁣
(…potentially from obesity-related illness)⁣

👉Good coaches will give a shit about you.⁣

👉Shitty diets don’t.⁣

You don’t need a coach to be successful.⁣

And the purpose of this post is to not sell coaching services. ⁣

IF we can work together and shift the health/fitness world to include more accurate messages & knowledge that oppose shitty diets…⁣

Then we just might stand a chance.⁣

Are you with me?⁣