Diets work.⁣ Shitty diets don’t.⁣ ⁣

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Shitty diet trajectory. Graph showing trend of weight gain from following fad diets.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: “diets don’t work.”

This can be confusing and frustrating to hear if you’re interested in losing weight… how would you do that without dieting? 

I’ve got some good news for you, though. 

Diets DO work.⁣

It’s the shitty diets that don’t.

Well, they will work too, but it’s very temporary.⁣

And in the long run, fad diets do more than just “not work.” They set you up to be worse off, both physically and psychologically.⁣

You already know you must be in a calorie deficit to lose fat. And fad diets typically do abide by that rule. , The issue with these diets is that, in the long run, you’ll likely gain more weight than you lose.

Keep reading to learn why this is the case (and why these diets put you in the cycle of weight loss and regain over and over again), and instead, learn the proper and sustainable habits required for permanent fat loss


When Diets Don’t Work

Well-planned and thought-out diets DO work and can help you achieve your fitness goals. It’s the fad diets you’re constantly seeing pushed on social media that tend to fail you. 

Here is what your weight looks like when you attempt fad diet after fad diet:



The quick fix, fad diet industry thrives off of this.⁣

They make billions of dollars every year by preying on your:⁣


Previous failed attempts,⁣

False hope,⁣

And lack of awareness pertaining to things like energy balance, adaptive thermogenesis, and reverse dieting.

The diet industry wants you to succeed but only in the short term.⁣



Because if you kept the weight off, became more confident and capable, and were able to shift your mindset in the process, then they’d be out of books to write and shitty tactics to sell.⁣

But that’s not what KJO Coaching wants for you. 

We want you to improve your relationship with food, develop sustainable habits, and reach your fitness goals.

A fad diet can’t give you any of that. 

If you want to achieve true and optimal health, you have to take a smart approach to dieting and also accept that you shouldn’t be dieting year-round.  


What Makes a Good Diet?

Recently, someone asked me what to look for in a good fitness coach, and I realized that a good coach is actually the opposite of a shitty diet.

So here’s a quick guide on what makes a good diet. You can look for these traits in a potential fitness coach as well. 


A Good Diet is Personalized

A good fitness coach will consider your environment, mindset, dieting history, stress levels, current exercise, eating habits, and behaviors⁣.

They will not provide a one-size-fits-all approach.⁣

The same goes for diets. What works for me, the other KJO coaches, or one of our clients may not work for you. 

The diet that’s right for you is the one that’s suitable and sustainable for your lifestyle. 

A Good Diet is Realistic


A good coach and a good diet will prepare you to handle challenges and help you work through barriers as they arise (because they will. And a good coach will be honest about that too).⁣

You’ll learn the tools to attend parties, navigate holidays, and go on vacation without sacrificing your progress


A Good Diet is Flexible

Like a good fitness coach, a good diet will NOT give you a food list and rigid guidelines with the message that if obstacles trip you up, well, that’s your fault.⁣

Instead, a good diet will teach you flexibility and sustainability and will not treat you like a robot with no life.⁣

A good diet will help you repair poor relationships with food and exercise, not create new negative thought patterns and exacerbate current issues.⁣


A Good Diet Involves Learning


A good fitness coach will understand how the human body works and use this knowledge to provide you with tools to manage things on your own.

They will not lock you in as a repeat customer till you die⁣ (potentially from obesity-related illness)⁣.

Good coaches will give a shit about you.⁣

Shitty diets don’t.⁣

A good diet is something you can learn, either with the help of a coach or by yourself. 

You don’t need a coach to be successful.⁣ And the purpose of this post is not to sell coaching services. ⁣

The purpose is to teach you what to look for in a healthy diet that will give you long-term results. 


How to Diet on Your Own

If we can work together and shift the health and fitness world to include more accurate messages and knowledge opposing shitty diets, then we just might stand a chance to end the fad diets we see every day. 

You can learn more about creating a diet that works for you and your lifestyle through our FREE Macro Tracking Guide

This guide will teach you what macros are, why you should track them, and how to use macro tracking as a flexible dieting practice that will allow you to reach your goals without diet restrictions. 

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