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Mindset Will Make You a Better Coach

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Hey Coach!, Are you struggling with client adherence, retention, and success?


Here’s the thing, if you want to improve your client adherence, have higher retention rates, and see greater client success, the solution starts with YOU and your mindset. 


Why Understanding Your Own Mindset Matters


Would you trust a nutrition coach that knows nothing about their own nutrition?⁣

Would you listen to a trainer when they tell you how IMPORTANT it is to track your workouts if they don't ever take the time and effort to monitor their own training?⁣

I'd assume not.⁣

At the very least, there'd be a hefty eyebrow raise involved.

The number of coaches out there claiming to help clients with their MINDSET is huge. It feels like every other coach I see on social media is claiming to be a mindset coach.⁣

But how many of those coaches can claim that they put consistent effort into their own mindset?⁣

ESPECIALLY when it comes to their COACHING mindset.⁣

In other words, how much time do you, as a coach, spend improving your mindset about your coaching practices? And how much time do you spend improving your mindset about your clients?

If your answer is "Never" or "I'm not sure" or "I don't get it," that's normal!


Your Mindset Has a BIG Impact on Your Clients’ Success 

You've likely never been taught to spend any significant about of time thinking about your beliefs related to coaching and how that shows up in your client’s progress and performance. 

I'm here to tell you that it does. Your mindset can have a significant impact on your clients’ success. 

And truthfully, if you don’t understand how your own mindset impacts client success, you’ll never fully grasp how your clients’ mindset is impacting their own success either.⁣

Long story short: your mindset could be holding your clients back.

And the toughest part?

You may not even realize it’s happening. 

If you really want to help your clients with long-term behavior change, crush their limiting beliefs, and cultivate a growth mindset for success, making sense of your OWN MINDSET and actively working to improve it is your FIRST STEP.⁣

Making sense of your OWN MINDSET and actively working to improve it is your FIRST STEP.⁣

I created the Health Mindset Coaching Certification for coaches just like you. 

My goal is to teach you how to leverage the science of mindset and health behavior change to better encourage a growth mindset in your clients to promote increased retention, connection, adherence, and success.

With the Health Mindset Coaching Certification, you’ll learn how to apply the research and science of mindset psychology to your coaching practice to help you and your clients. 

But you don’t have to wait until the next session to get started! By joining the waitlist now, you get five FREE lessons in mindset psychology so you can start becoming a better coach TODAY.

Click here to sign up for the next round of Health Mindset Coaching Certification and to get your hands on the FREE primer material to get you started!


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