Eating For Fat Loss/Dieting

dieting fat loss meal timing

A few elements of eating for fat loss/dieting ⤵️⁣


There’s more to it, BUT calories in vs. calories out matters, a lot.⁣

& how you achieve a caloric deficit (expending more than you’re intaking) is up to you.⁣

Some people do fantastic tracking macros, and I’d argue that self monitoring your intake at least for a bit of time is helpful for everyone.⁣

^ it’s hard to know what/how much you need to cut back on, if you don’t know where you’re starting or how many calories are in the food you’re consuming.⁣


Sometimes just eating healthier and higher quality is enough to create a calorie deficit without diligently tracking.⁣

“Healthier” usually means more fiber, more voluminous foods (more food volume for less calories - like veggies) and more protein⁣

And all those ^ things will be much more filling than processed foods or very calorically dense foods (not voluminous)⁣

More filling = less likely to eat more⁣


6 small meals?⁣

Or 3 big meals?⁣

What makes you feel more satisfied?⁣

What do you enjoy more?⁣

Assuming you’re in a calorie deficit, this comes down to personal preference, what’s easier for you, & what makes you feel the best.⁣


Does a big breakfast make you less hungry throughout the day?⁣

Or maybe you aren’t hungry until later in the morning, and the last thing you want to do is wake up and eat?⁣

Perhaps intermittent fasting works wonders for your hunger, cravings and energy levels (or it could really suck/make things worse)⁣

Not eating after 7pm won’t magically make you lose fat, but if it keeps you from an extra 300-400 calories of snacks…⁣
THEN it can help with fat loss.⁣


WHAT you eat, how MUCH you eat, how OFTEN you eat, and WHEN you eat can ALL be helpful tools to adjust when seeking body composition goals.⁣

This isn’t about what your fave #fitspo does, not what works well for your best friend, not what the latest trend or book claims.⁣

Experiment, use trial and error, LEARN, and maybe hire a coach to guide you & steer you clear of the bullshit 🤘😉