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Become a Better Coach by Improving Your Mindset

awareness behavior change coaching fixed mindset growth mindset knowledge mindset coach personal development Feb 04, 2022

Something that really upsets me is when I see people fail to take personal responsibility.

As a coach, it’s so much easier to blame your “uncoachable” client than it is to look inward and see where YOU can improve.

By cultivating a growth mindset as a coach, you’ll feel more confident in your abilities to help your clients with the psychological aspects of health and fitness, including their mindset, habits, and goal setting. 


Frequent coaching mishaps

As a coach, it’s easy to say things like:

“You just need to try harder!”

“I can’t make you motivated.”

“You’re paying me! It’s not my fault if you don’t use the service you paid for.”

All of these are examples of failure to take personal responsibility. These are cop-outs.

AND these are all direct quotes that I’ve heard from clients that past coaches have told them, and it’s a problem. ⁣

If, as a coach, aka someone people look up to and are PAYING FOR GUIDANCE FROM, you’re telling your clients that, then need to try harder or they don’t want it bad enough, you aren’t doing your job as a coach.

That’s the kind of coach who knows how to write a program and hit “send.”

These cop-outs can leave clients feeling incompetent, incapable, and thinking, “I must just not be the type of person for this.”⁣ And that’s not what any coach’s intention is. 

Because if it were as simple as “try harder,” your client should be able to do it.⁣

If you’re telling your client, “You don’t want it bad enough,” you might leave them wondering if you’re right. 

Rather than improving their health, your client might end up thinking, “Maybe I don’t. Maybe this health and fitness stuff just isn’t for me after all.”⁣

The problem is not with the client!

Become a better coach


If you’re the type of coach I mentioned above, I’m not here to trash you.

The thing is: you never learned any differently.

That’s not your fault.

But it IS your responsibility to do better now. 

You can improve your coaching skills to improve your clients’ mindset and increase adherence, retention, and success using evidence-based practices in behavior change.

And you can literally start right now by tossing your name and email on the waitlist for the Health Mindset Coaching Certification. I’ll send you 5 free lessons in behavior change, mindset, and psychology to get you going.

Rather than being a coach who (often, accidentally) cultivates a fixed mindset by telling their clients to “try harder” or “you don’t want it bad enough,” you can help your clients achieve a growth mindset that helps them achieve their goals.

⁣Your people should feel empowered and capable of achieving their goals, not belittled and like they’re doomed to failure. 

Yes, coaches, your clients are YOUR PEOPLE, not just a spreadsheet.

This is the reason the majority of our clients at KJO Coaching with previous coaching experiences were scared and skeptical of signing on with another coach.⁣

And I don’t blame them.⁣

But damn, does it make me angry and make my job more difficult when we, being lumped in with this group of crappy coaches, aren’t trusted right out of the gate.

This kind of “coaching” can seriously shift a person’s mindset for the worst.⁣

And ultimately, it needs to stop. I’m hopeful that my Health Mindset Coaching Certification helps do just that.

Health Mindset Coaching Certification

Health Mindset Coaching Certification is a 13-week live course to teach coaches like you how to leverage the science of mindset and health behavior change to encourage a growth mindset in your clients. 

By learning these skills, you’ll promote increased retention, connection, adherence, and success. 

So if you’re struggling with non-adherent clients and feel like you can’t help those with self-sabotaging behaviors, all-or-nothing thinking, and/or mindset barriers, this certification was designed for you. 

Grab some FREE primer education materials and learn more about the certification! 


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